Lodge Sunroom with Canopy

The Brief

A local architects office contacted us on behalf of a client who wanted a heavy timber framed sunroom designed and supplied. The architects knew of our specialist expertise and requested we provide this service on their behalf. This project uses traditional carpentry with mortice and tenon joints and oak pegs evident throughout.

Scale model Timber framing scotland
Raising Timber frame

This project was started when we still used 10th scale models rather than 3D computer graphics to help visualise the design of frame.
This is a very effective way to convey ideas to clients.  Clients often ask to keep these models after completion of the project.
We still use scale models when conducting training courses, as this help students understanding of the overall project.

AutoCAD drawing timber framing Scotland

We provided the architects with a full set of drawings and specifications to allow them to apply for local authority approvals.

This shows the timber frame nearing completion.  The view to the right shows an interesting feature where the curved brace passes through a post.  Below left shows another impressive piece of carpentry above the canopy section of the frame.

Detail of joinery traditional timber framing scotland