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The desire for hand crafted, ecologically sound and more sustainable buildings for the future is good news for us all. We know that traditional timber framing addresses all of these concerns.

At Thomson Timber it is therefore our commitment to these principles which results in the buildings we produce.

All of our trees are sourced locally, from managed forests. This keeps the carbon footprint of our business low.

Traditional Timber Framing Techniques

There are several species of wood that are suitable for traditional timber framing. The most popular in the United Kingdom is generally oak. From the beginning Thomson Timber has favoured using European Larch (Larix decidua). It is functionally as strong as oak in the frame but it grows much faster. Larch is also grown in Scotland. The species is naturally resistant to fungal attack and the elements. As a result we produce sustainable and local building with all the strength, longevity and beauty of traditional oak timber framing.

We produce a wide range of wooden buildings using traditional post and beam techniques – from summer houses to extensions.

Our commitment to the craft of timber frame carpentry is carried out in the buildings we make and in our dedication to passing on these skills through short courses and workshops.

  • History

    Before starting Thomson Timber, James was a teacher of Craft Design and Technology.

    He has a passion for building using real traditionally-crafted timber framing and this is backed up by expertise in the latest Computer Aided Design techniques. As a result he decided to combine these ancient and modern skills in timber framing and set up in business.

    He recalls his students complaining that these craft skills now seemed redundant. The students insisted that they would more likely to end up working with MDF board and using glued biscuit joints in a factory churning out products not designed to last.

    James therefore set out to find a different way.

    After extensive research he discovered that there was still a real demand for craft skills today in the form of traditional timber framing.

    As a result the sawmill was purchased, trees sourced locally and Thomson Timber began to trade.

  • Approach

    It seems like the desire for hand crafted, ecologically sound and more sustainable buildings for the future is on the rise. This is good news for us all.

    At Thomson Timber we are committed to these principles. Therefore all our buildings do too.

    At Thomson Timber we are committed to both the ecological and traditional aspects of building with traditional timber framing techniques. We take pride in making buildings with an eye for more than just the bottom line. We are trying to build for the long run. All our frames have been considered with this in mind.

    First of all, we source our timber in Scotland. Keeping it local ensures high quality and a lower carbon impact. Furthermore, all of our buildings are made to last. Due to the well-established traditional; techniques and modern engineering standards our timber frames are built for the long haul.

    Most important of all is sourcing the trees and timber from local and sustainable sources. We do this from managed forests to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and to ensure the quality of the timber.

    Our timber

    We use larch (Larix decidua) for the main timber frame structure and the exterior cladding. This species is naturally resistant to fungal attack and furthermore the elements generally need no further chemical treatment. Our Russian and Nordic friends can’t be wrong!

    We control the total supply chain from the local forest to finally constructing your new timber framed building which results in the elimination of many of the potential delays and problems that can otherwise result.

    You are no longer limited to mass manufactured summerhouses or other garden products offered by Garden Centres and chain stores – what we can create is only limited by your imagination.

  • Design

    We take great interest in the design process and are very happy to work with potential clients on realising their dream build. As a result of years of experience working with clients, designers and architects we know what works.

    Using the principles of traditional timber framing allows us to create strong and beautiful frames to meet your needs. Get in touch for a free consultation.

    We can work with architects drawings, photographs and even sketches on napkins to start to design buildings that are made to last. Using Sketchup and AutoCAD to produce industry standard drawings that we can build or you buy for your own use. Completing one of our Training Courses gives you both the skills and a design to build your own timber framed buildings.

Traditional Timber framing Studio Summerhouse Scotland

It starts with the initial idea for a project, summer house, extension, mantel or piece of furniture, that comes from a client’s needs or something new we want to develop. So from there, using timber framing principles, we start to draw up designs, often with the client, and iron out design problem. We then go to the computer and either use AutoCAD or Sketchup to create a more complete picture of the build.


We have a small and dedicated team of Framers and Designers working with James Thomson. Delivering beautiful bespoke traditional and innovative buildings using traditional timber framing.

James Thomson Timber Scotland designer
James Thomson
Founder Director
Timber framer designing Craig Thomson Timber
Craig Thomson
Lead Carpenter
ben whitney carpenter designer woodwork
Ben Whitney
Carpenter - 3D Modeller


We would love to hear from you to discuss your dream project.

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