With our Sawmill we are able to create a wide variety of wooden mantel pieces and fireplace surrounds from locally sourced timber.

The beauty of the grain comes through with sanding and oiling with Danish oil. Due to the nature of trees every wooden mantel piece is different and every cut is a beautiful surprise.

We use a many species of wood including oak, yew, elm, sycamore and sweet chestnut.

Wooden Mantel Elm Fireplace Logburning Stove Scotland Timber

It seems like we can all agree that nothing beats a roaring fire. Except perhaps when its in a fireplace topped with a wooden mantel piece. The traditional look of heavy wooden mantel piece has never been out of style – from country cottage to the rise of Scandinavian modern look. We are able to mill and finish hardwoods to your desires, fit brackets and arrange delivery. We stock a wide range of timbers including Oak mantels, Elm, Sweet Chestnut and Yew. So you can focus on what matters most of all, relaxing by the fire.

The process

We mill local trees in our yard using our Woodmizer LT-15 which accurately and squarely dimensions the timber. This is followed by hand sanding and finishing the wooden mantel in the workshop to your needs.

We have had clients ask for distressed timber and some that want a perfectly smooth surface. As a result of the nature of large pieces of wood they move as they dry. Some species, such as oak, tend to split and check as they age giving a beautiful natural look to the mantel. Mantels are a natural product and therefore can change considerably as they dry out and age.

We keep a wide stock of timber to make wooden mantel pieces custom to order so send us an email if you have a mantel in mind. If we don’t have it in stock we can usually source what you are looking for. We are able to ship to anywhere in the United Kingdom.