Timber Framing Training Courses

We run Training Courses  to share our love of traditional post and beam timber frame carpentry. A sustainable, beautiful and useful building technique that will last for generations. The hands on skills that you will learn with us, even over the course of a weekend, can hold you in good stead when attempting your own projects and builds. The techniques used to build a small structure can be scaled up to create anything from a shed to a barn.

The traditions and skills of post and beam timber framing go back hundreds of years and are still thriving today in many parts of the world. For various historical reasons there is less of a widespread use of them in Scotland right now. We hope to encourage as many people as we can to train in this way of building for the joy of doing things by hand, for the ecological opportunities of working with sustainably sourced timber and for learning to build for future generations.

We have been running training courses at our workshop in Fife and in Anchorage, Alaska and are happy to consider delivering courses to others in other parts of the country. Send us an email if you would like to attend or would like a course run near you.

Upcoming Courses

20th – 24th May 2024 Class 101 Floor and wall structure

27th – 31rt June 2024 Class 102 Complete roof structure

16th – 20th Sept. 2024 Class 101 Floor and wall structure

23rd – 27th Sept. 2023 Class 102 Complete roof structure

Robbs Howe, Star, Fife

We have been running Timber Framing Courses in Alaska since 2016.

We will be running more and some closer to home this coming year. Get in touch if you fancy a great, hands-on, learning experince.

We are committed to developing traditional skills and knowledge in this day and age. Therefore we are happy to discuss any ideas you have about projects and builds in your area. The most important thing to have is enthusiasm and will. We can help make it happen. Send us an email if you have an idea for courses in your area.