We love working with sustainably-sourced timber. Whether milling the trees ourslves or buying in the rough sawn lumber from our trusted suppliers we are always excited to see and smell the grain and possibilites of green timber. These freshly felled trees are used to do the traditional carpentry required to construct our frames. We spend our time making custom furniture, post and beam timber frames and delivering courses to pass on traditional skills.

James Thomson Timber Scotland designer
James Thomson
Founder Director

After an adventurous youth travelling Canada and Australia as an Engineer and Draftsman, James returned to his native Fife, Scotland to teach Craft Design and Technology before starting Thomson Timber.

Not only the Owner and Director of the company, James is also at the helm as Head of Design – his fine eye for detail can be seen in all our buildings. His enthusiasm for both traditional and cutting-edge techniques ensures Thomson Timber respects real carpentry whilst embracing the excitement of new technologies in construction and manufacturing.


Timber framer designing Craig Thomson Timber
Craig Thomson
Lead Carpenter

Craig has been working with wood as long as he could hold a chisel. He completed a degree in Art and Philosophy, graduating in 2012, he began to work for James, his father, full-time.

His artistic sensibilities are often turned to joinery design which results in beautifully-crafted, Japanese inspired, details within the overall frame designs.

He is a keen photographer and furniture-maker.

ben whitney carpenter designer woodwork
Ben Whitney
Carpenter - 3D Modeller

Ben has been with us for two years, after spending some time living in Florence on an Art and Architecture scholarship, he was new to carpentry when he started but brought 3D modelling experience in Sketchup that we have used to help visualise and plan projects.

In the summer of 2016 we began running courses to teach traditional carpentry all the way out in Alaska.

We will be running more courses, and many closer to home, this coming year.
Get in touch if you fancy a great, hands-on, learning experience.