Mantel Shelves / Mantle Shelves / Chimney Pieces

Please note:

  1. The photos above and shown static below   have been scaled down for the web and cannot reveal the true beauty of the wood.
  2. Wood is a natural product each piece is unique
    - nobody else can own a mantel shelf exactly like yours.
  3. Transport costs are a major element in the price since these are large and heavy items; but local deliveries can be done free.
  4. Normally only the top and front flat surfaces are hand finished to a high standard, using 4 coats of Danish oil, with sanding down between each application.

stock images as at July 2013

stock 2013 view 1
Click for larger view.


stock 2013 07 2
Click for larger view.

Guide prices: -

Mantels typical size 1.5m (60") long, 200mm (8")deep, 100mm (4") thick made of Oak, Elm, Ash or Sycamore are typically around £ 150.00 - £ 200 depending on the timber chosen and the level of finish required.

Mantel shelves made of Local Larch available from £ 100

Please phone 0771 511 8045 or email: James Thomson for more details if you would prefer to discuss your requirements - perhaps even a complete cover-up fireplace?

This separate page shows a Mantel Shelf with simulated fire below it (but needs Flash Player to view)

Static images repeated from slideshow above.


A Photograph sent in by a satisfied customer showing the Mantel Shelf we supplied installed in her home.


Wendy's mantel shelf in spalted wood - please click image above to see larger version (1600x1200). Please be aware that the spalting arises from a fungus present in the wood. Take technical advice before installing.

mantel elm corbels

Here is a mantel shelf in Elm supported on Corbels (that's the brackets above 'Tweety Pie' and to the right)

mantel traditional

A full timber traditional fireplace with mantel also supported on Corbels

local fireplace

Fireplace we installed locally

phone shot

Phone photo but hopefully you get the idea.

Here are some of the many woods we use

spalted birch

Spalted Birch click image above to view in larger size

spalted beech with elm above and oak below

Spalted Beech with unfinished Elm above and Knotty Oak below Click to view larger

knotty oak

Knotty Oak


Light Elm

Burr Elm

Burr Elm with Waney Edge





Waney edged oak

Waney Edged Oak



Dark Elm

Dark Elm

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