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Volunteer/Training Barn Building

Robb’s Howe Barn Volunteering Opportunity

This spring at Thomson Timber, construction will begin on an 8x12m timber frame barn in our yard. For us, the barn will provide some welcome extra workshop space – for you, it could be a great opportunity to gain hands on experience of traditional construction techniques, working side by side with experienced carpenters. No previous experience is required, only a will to work and to learn! We hope to begin carpentry in March, with the frame being raised by the end of May. More details will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Please note that this is not a ‘training course’ per se, but an opportunity to volunteer your time as part of a skill sharing experience: you get to learn some valuable traditional skills, and we get some extra hands on site when it counts! As such, we are ideally looking for people who can commit a good amount of time to really getting involved, learning the skills of the trade and hopefully building a sense of community around the project.

If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch via email, providing a little information about yourself, your background, relevant interests etc., as well as how long you can potentially participate for.

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